Facts and Figures

Number of women police: 3,700

Number of Police stations: 1392

Police Population ration: 1:304 persons

Strength of Police: 575,000



November 2013

Women Police in Pakistan presentation

Individualland Pakistan's presentation on Women Police in Pakistan, which explores the discrimination and harassment of policewomen, statistics on recruitment, and survey results on gender inequity in the police.   read more

April 2014

Gender Strategy of Police 2012-2016

The Gender Strategy of Police 2012 – 2016: Equality in Perspective is the outcome of the joint agreement between the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the National Police Bureau (NPB), Government of Pakistan as part of the Gender Responsive Policing (GRP) Project. The read more

2013, April

Improper Buildings and Unhygienic Lockup Conditions in Police Stations, FAFEN Police Station Monitor, April 2013

Twenty nine percent of the monitored police stations were operating out of buildings in dilapidated condition while 13% were not housed in proper buildings. FAFEN observers visited 176 police stations and noted the unhygienic condition of lockups in at least 27% police stations. Even though the Sindh read more

2012, May

Male police perception women police

Male Police Perception of Women Police in Pakistan Individualland, May 2012 read more

2012, May

Low Government Oversight of Police Stations, FAFEN Police Station Monitor, May 2012

Sixty-nine visits were made by government officials/elected representatives to 100 police stations monitored across the country during January-March 2012 which means at least 31 were ignored altogether. Informed and regular government oversight is indicative of authorities' interest and helps ensure institutions perform better. During the January-March 2012 read more

2012, February

Police Stations Understaffed in Punjab, Sindh and ICT, FAFEN Police Station Monitor, February 2012

Sanctioned posts for male staff were found to be vacant in police stations monitored in Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) during the October-December, 2011 quarter. However, those observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan had more staff than the sanctioned positions. read more

2012, August

12 % police stations need proper building, FAFEN Police Station Monitor, August 2012

12 % police stations need proper building, FAFEN Police Station Monitor, August 2012 read more


HRCP report on extrajudicial killings

Extrajudicial killings in Pakistan: Killing with Impunity Asad Jamal, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 2012 read more


Asia society's report - police reforms

Stabilizing Pakistan through Police Reform Asia Society, July 2012 read more



Public Perception of Women Police in Pakistan Individualland, 2012 read more

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