Women cops no less than their male counterparts

India on 12 September 2013
Location : Gujarat, India | Source : DNA India. Image Source: DNA India

August 26 is celebrated as Women Equality Day every year.

Serving as a standing example of gender equality is the police department in the city. So this year, women police officials took the opportunity to thank their department for considering them no less than their male counterparts.

Currently, 16 women police sub-inspectors (PSI) serve at different police stations in the city. They were inducted a year ago after training at police academy in Karai, Gandhinagar. One of them is CB Jadeja, working as PSI with Navrangpura police station.

According to her, it is a myth that female cops are only required to apprehend women accused or handle soft cases. “During training, we were told to consider ourselves as males and we were also trained to act and work like males.

Even in police stations, we are addressed as ‘sir’, not ‘madam’. It’s been almost 1.5 years since I joined as PSI at Navrangpura and I can proudly say that I have done all the work which is done by male PSIs,” said Jadeja, who is known for her proactive measures and handling operations of investigation as well as detection.

“Our senior officers encouraged us to take up initiatives and considered me at par with others,” said Jadeja.

Other women PSIs in the brigade include MS Gohil, PSI at Ellisbridge, ML Rajput, PSI at Vastrapur and NH Mor, Satellite PSI. Recently, Gohil was given the task to crack the theft inside VS Hospital’s server room.

Rajput was the key person to reach out for women complainants reluctant to step into police station.  “Just like male cops, I am also given night duties, vehicle checking and bandobast-related duties. I see no difference in a female and male cop,” said Rajput.

According to AS Pandya, senior police inspector of Satellite, there are many advantages of having a female cop.

“NH Mor is as brave as a male PSI. We even give her cases of prohibition and gambling, for which she needs to conduct raids during night. As per the law, a male cop can’t touch a female accused. But, a female cop can handle both male as well as female accused. Thus, female cops have an upper hand in handling the situation,” said Pandya.

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