Women Cops Make Only 5.33 Percent Of Indian Police, One For 15,000 People

India on 12 September 2013
Location : Bangalore, India | Source : Silicon India. Image Source: Silicon India

Bangalore: Women cops are alarmingly low in number, making up only 5.33 percent of Indian police force, which equates to 1 for 15,000 people, generating attention towards lack of sensitive policing in the country, reports Times Of India.

India has a population of about 1.27 billion, with a 1585,117-strong police force, in which only 84,479 police personnel are women, an anomaly highlighted by the Justice J S Verma committee report in the aftermath of the Delhi gang-rape.

Bihar has lowest ratio of women cops as per Home Ministry data for 2012, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Assam, with less than 3 percent women personnel in their police force. Delhi has 7.13 percent women in a total strength of 75,169 police personnel. Maharashtra has the maximum number of women cops with almost 15 percent or 20,062 women out of a total of 1,34,696 force. Adding to the woes, there are only 499 all-women police stations in the country.

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