Policewomen must be safe from sexual harassment

India on 11 July 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : Telegraph India. Image Source: Flickr User Edson Walker

Policewomen must be safe from sexual harassment at the workplace, a daylong meet in the capital on Friday advised.

The workshop, hosted by CID of the state police at the district collectorate, was attended by all ranks of officers from across Jharkhand.

Much before the 2013 film Inkaar, the landmark Vishakha case in Supreme Court in 1997 paved the way for awareness of hazards faced by working women and their right to safety.

“Supreme Court’s guidelines in the Vishaka case should not be restricted to the corporate world, but be followed at thanas and chowkies,” Vinita Singh, speaker and Ranchi Women’s College faculty, said. The apex court decrees a complaint cell in every organisation on sexual harassment, physical, emotional or mental.

“As a public servant, you must maintain a workplace free of sexual harassment,” ADG K.S. Meena said, inaugurating the workshop.

IG CID and head of sexual harassment complaint committee (police) Sampat Meena said more meets would be held.

“Of the 70,000-strong police force, five per cent are women. This session was great,” Aradhana Singh, the first OC of Mahila Thana, said.

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