Women cells in state police stations: Govt hastens process

India on 15 July 2013
Location : GUWAHATI, India | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Times of India

GUWAHATI: With the focus on women's safety issues in the state and demands from various quarters for enhanced security for the fair sex, the state government has decided to expedite its project to set up women's cells in all police stations of Assam. Though the government had earlier announced these cells would be established at all police stations by 2016, it is now trying to complete the project before the scheduled deadline.

The move has come after an embarrassing report of the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), which said Assam topped the chart in crime against women in 2012 with a percentage of 89.54, double the national average of around 41.7 per cent last year.

There were 1,716 cases of rape, 3,360 cases of kidnapping and 140 cases of dowry death in Assam registered in 2012. The NCRB registered another 6,407 cases, where women were subjected to cruelty by their spouses or relatives in the state last year.

"We are discussing the matter with the Centre because we will need huge funds to set up the cells. A large number of trained women police officers are also required to run these cells. A special drive to recruit women police is also planned," said a source.

Earlier, Gogoi, during his speech at the chief ministers' conference on internal security at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi in June, had said, "We are committed to establishing a women's cell in each police station by 2016. The need for forensic capabilities and scientific investigation techniques to tackle modern-day crimes against women is also a must."

The state government has also planned to set up a special training institute near the city that will focus on prevention and investigation of cyber and wildlife crimes.

However, social activist Ranjan Baruah said, "According to a state police report, out of 318 police stations in Assam, 51 do not even have a landline phone and phone lines at 31 police stations are disconnected due to non-payment of bills till December last year. Do you think the proposed project will really be implemented?"

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