Violators: ASI beaten for booking security officer

Pakistan on 23 August 2013
Location : Peshawar, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune. Image Source:

Booking a security forces officer for traffic violation proved costly for ASI Ghulam Mustafa, who was allegedly taken away and beaten by security forces personnel in Saddar on Thursday.

Ghulam Mustafa, deployed as a traffic rider in FC Chowk, was on routine patrol on Sunheri Masjid Road when he stopped a vehicle for going the wrong way. He stopped the driver and charged the officer for entering the road from the opposite direction.

However, the officer took it as an insult and later sent five men to pick up the ASI, who was then shifted to a barrack and beaten.

The man was released after one hour, when highly placed officials in the police intervened in the matter and secured Mustafa’s release.

Another FIR was also registered in the police station against the officer and his five men.

“Our colleague was taken away, tortured and kept there for an hour despite the fact that we intervened immediately to settle the matter,” said a traffic police official, on the condition of anonymity.

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