Using police force on political workers

Pakistan on 27 August 2013
Location : Punjab, Pakistan | Source : Frontier Post. Image Source: Flickr User Dying Regime

In less than three months in power, the Pakistan Muslim League-N government in the province of the Punjab has unleashed twice the worst state oppression on the protesters including women, children and elderly men, seeking an end to ruthless electricity cuts. Earlier in Faisalabad the protest against the government irked the Punjab police so much that it did not hesitate to trespass the houses to punish the protesters. Innocent housewives were dragged out of the houses and given the most relentless beating that Pakistan never witnessed in any of the dictators’ regime. 

Once again the reckless Punjab police broke hell over the political 
Workers raising their voice against the government. After watching the harsh treatment meted out to the political workers, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken notice of the violent event and directed his brother and the Punjab Chief Minister to solve the issues through dialog.
The advice is, indeed, the most welcome initiative from the Prime Minster office to the Punjab CM who calls himself Khadam-i-Alaa in his public oratory. The Prime Minister has rightly reminded him that the peaceful protest is an inalienable right of all political parties and directed the Punjab government that there should be no violation in this regard because democracy and peaceful protests are interlinked. It may be recalled here that military dictator General ® Pervez Musharraf, after assuming power from the Sharif family ruthlessly used state machinery against the First Lady of today when she protested the then General’s move to overthrow the elected government. Dictators, more often than not, use the state oppression to stamp their authority over the general public. 

But it is highly unbecoming of the elected government to adopt the same approach against peaceful rallies. Apart from inflicting pain and agony on innocent political workers who most of them are educated and civilized, the brave Punjab police open new vista of bribery. The Punjab Government must not forget that the people are bearing high temperatures in the most humid conditions just because of the incompetence of rulers who ruled the country in the past. The PML-N leadership is no exception. 

If sick and tired countrymen come out to raise their voice they should be given patient hearing rather than exposing them to police lathis that should have been used against the terrorists and criminals. The Punjab government, amending its ways, must shun the posture of the dictators. It should, rather, ensure constitutional right of all citizens and the political workers irrespective of their party affiliation. If the PML-N government is ready to sit with militants, terrorists and extremists, who are involved in mass massacres of thousands of the innocent fellow countrymen, on the negotiation table why it can’t apply the same approach with the masses to alleviate their sufferings. 

The Punjab is not a police state. The people of the Punjab voted the government to power to form the government of the people. Hopefully the advice of the Prime Minister will not go unattended. 

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