UP policemen forcibly enter trains, thrash railway workers

India on 08 May 2014
Location : Lucknow, India | Source : Times of India ;image source:Smeet Chowdhary

 routine peaceful journey for the passengers of at least four important trains, including Shatabdi Express, turned into a nightmare when hundreds of UP Police personnel illegally boarded these trains and forcibly occupied reserved berths, creating a ruckus while under the influence of alcohol.

According to reports, Lucknow-bound Swarna Shatabdi Express, Padmavat Express, Agra-Lucknow Intercity and Jaipur-bound Howrah-Jodhpur Express were affected by the lawlessness.

An army officer travelling in the AC-II coach of Padmavat Express, said, "More than a thousand police jawans stormed into compartments and captured reserved berths and seats by force when train halted at Ghaziabad Junction on Monday night. All passengers were kept awake throughout the night".

The officer, who was travelling with his young daughter, added, "They came up with the choicest of abuses. They were drinking and smoking in the compact sealed coach. They even thrashed a coach attendant when he objected to their abusive language. Being a fauji, they didn't misbehave with me but I couldn't stop them from using foul language".

"They were rowdy jawans with rifles and there wasn't an inch of space left on the floor as there were 150 of them curled up in our coach alone. Walking to the toilet was not a possibility and neither was sleeping. It's a shameful state of affairs in this country and especially in UP," said another passenger.

"We suffered physical inconvenience and mental agony as the jawans did not pay heed to the TTE's appeal either," another passenger added.

Senior divisional commercial manager Rafik Ahmed of Moradabad division said, "Yes, we did get a report about UP Police jawans forcibly boarding Padmavat Express and we managed to get most of them off the train at Moradabad and Bareilly stations."

When asked whether these personnel were on election duty, Ahmed said, "Companies on election duty have been provided special trains. These jawans were from UP Police force and on the move for another purpose".

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