UP government to post 2 Muslim constables in every police station

India on 29 July 2013
Location : Uttar Pradesh, India | Source : IBN Live. Image Source: Flickr User Bobulix

Lucknow: Master of caste politics and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has once again thrown a dice to lure the Muslim community. The Akhilesh Yadav government has decided that at least two Muslim constables will be posted in the every police station of the state.

The government's argument is that such a move will help the minority community approach the police without any fear. On the other hand the BJP has claimed that the move is another instance of Muslim appeasement by the Akhilesh Yadav government.

All the Superintendents of Police and District Magistrates have been ordered to deploy at least two Muslim constables in every police station. Uttar Pradesh ADG Arun Kumar called the order a normal process while Home Secretary Rakesh Kumar refused to speak on it. Kumar said he does not have any knowledge about the order. Earlier the UP government had started the "Meri Beti, Uska Kal" programme for Muslim female child. Apart from this Muslims are to be given preference in government contracts and public housing schemes.

According to Samajwadi Party General Secretary Ashok Bajpai the state government has been launching schemes for the benefit of Muslims soon after coming to power. "Our party had announced during the last Assembly election that if the Samajwadi Party won, then several schemes for Muslims would be launched, said Bajpai.

BJP spokesperson Vijay Pathak called the schemes a height of appeasement. "This government is unable to improve the state's law and order and now postings in police stations will be on the basis of community. How will the administration work?" asked Pathak.

The state government wants the new scheme for posting of police personnel top be fully implemented before the next Lok Sabha election. But the problem is that the state does not have sufficiently large number of Muslim police personnel and to tide over the problem the government has decided to recruit 32,000 constables.

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