UK Home Secretary reiterates commitment to tackling joint threats

Pakistan on 26 September 2013
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The UK Home Secretary Theresa May today met Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, Pakistan Secretary for Narcotics Control, Nawabzada Muhammad Akbar Khan Hoti, and other senior officials to discuss bilateral co-operation in tackling shared threats.

During their meeting at the Interior Ministry, the Home Secretary and Interior Minister Nisar restated their commitment to co-operate on issues of pressing mutual importance, including counter-terrorism work, and combating illegal migration and organised crime.

The British Home Secretary briefed Interior Minister Nisar on the forthcoming launch of the new National Crime Agency, a powerful and highly visible crime-fighting body which will transform the UK’s response to the threat of serious and organised crime.

The Home Secretary said:
This is my third visit to Pakistan as Home Secretary. Each time I visit, it is clear to me that our shared determination to tackle the joint threats we face grows stronger.

In the fight against terrorism, Pakistan is on the frontline and has lost more of its citizens to terrorist violence than any other country. The UK stands with the Pakistani people.

We are also united in our determination to confront serious and organised crime, and the gangs who get rich trading in illegal drugs, exploiting people through immigration crime and trafficking the vulnerable into prostitution. They cost our economies billions and deprive our citizens of their safety, security and prosperity.

Pakistan has pledged its support as the UK transforms its response to the threat organised criminals pose. The launch next month of the National Crime Agency will equip one crime-fighting body with the power and responsibility to find, pursue and bring them to justice – wherever they are hiding – and then claw back their profits.

Pakistani law enforcement partners will feel the benefits as the NCA’s international network drives co-operation and shares its information and expertise. We are united with Pakistan and our support will not waver.

The British Home Secretary stressed that Pakistan’s security directly affects the security of the UK and said it is in the interests of both countries to sustain a broad-based strategic relationship founded on respect, trust and mutual benefit. Theresa May welcomed the commitment that Interior Minister Nisar and the Government of Pakistan have shown to adopting a zero tolerance approach to illegal migration.

Theresa May also visited the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Training Academy and discussed CN matters with the Director General, Major General Iqbal Malik. The visit included a tour of the facility.

Later in the day, the British Home Secretary also called on President Mamnoon where matters of Pakistan-UK joint cooperation were discussed.

The Home Secretary was saddened the hear the news of this afternoon’s earthquake in Balochistan. She said that her prayers and thoughts are with everyone in the region who has been affected by the disaster.

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