Transforming the police

Pakistan on 13 August 2013
Location : Pakistan | Source : The News. Image Source: Flickr User Kash_If

There have been several attacks on police personnel in different parts of Pakistan during the last few years. Before starting the blame game and looking for quick answers, let us reflect on our policing setup. Deputing police officers on security duties is not effective unless they are equipped with the required knowledge and possess the latest security equipment. The police force has been neglected since long. The amount allocated for training of our policemen is enough to show our seriousness in this matter. Too much emphasis on drill, irrelevant training contents, inappropriate training conditions and deputation of trainees on security duties leave little space for learning proper policing skills.
As a result police officers walk out of police training institutes with inadequate knowledge. It is about time the police chiefs decided whether they would let their officers die in terrorist attacks or train them well to protect themselves, their fellow officers and the citizens of Pakistan. This may not be the only solution but might be an effective one.

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