Traders protest against ‘police brutality’

Pakistan on 10 July 2013
Location : Rawalpindi, Pakistan | Source : The International News.

Rawalpindi:  A large number of people faced worst situation in hot and humid weather because city traders blocked Benazir Bhutto Road for more than two hours in protest against police brutality here on Thursday.

The enraged protesters burnt tires at Benazir Bhutto Road and not allowed transporters and general public to move and used force against those who defied their will.

The city traders staged the demonstration because some police officials of City Police Station had badly beaten Raja Bazaar Traders Association President Haroon Shah without any reason or rhyme. A large number of businessmen including All Pakistan Traders Association President Shaikh Muhammad Saddique, Moti Bazaar Shopkeepers Association President Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal and others participated in protest demonstration and demanded of higher authorities to take immediate action against responsible police officers warning of blocking all roads of Rawalpindi for an indefinite period.

The protesters pelted stones over private cars and used force by occupying Benazir Bhutto Road for more than two hours on the occasion. All markets and shops in Raja Bazaar area and China Market remained closed against police high-handedness.

All Pakistan Traders Association President Shaikh Muhammad Saddique told ‘The News’ that some police officials had badly beaten Haroon Shah without any reason. He said that police are supposed to protect the citizens instead of beating them without any reason. “We strongly condemn the incident and would continue demonstration till punishment of responsible officers,” he said.

Moti Bazaar Shopkeepers Association President Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal said that they would stage protest demonstration in front of Parliament House if City Police Officer (CPO) did not take action against the culprits. He said that Haroon Shah received several injuries due to police brutality.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rawalpindi City Muhammad Riaz who reached the spot told ‘The News’ that he has received complaint from traders that some police officers had beaten Haroon Shah. “I have taken up the matter and will investigate to find out the truth, but blockage of roads is not a good thing,” he said.

Talking to ‘The News’ motorists, commuters travelling by public service vehicles, pedestrians and common public said that blockage of Benazir Bhutto Road has become a routine matter.

The concerned authority should not allow anybody to hold protest demonstrations at Benazir Bhutto Road.

Nahid Anwar, a housewife driving a car said that they are stuck up at College Road for more than two hours amid hot and humid weather. Police and traffic wardens seem to be helpless before the situation, she said. City district government, Rawalpindi, should impose Section 144 against rallies or demonstrations particularly at Benazir Bhutto Road, she appealed.

Muhammad Azam said that protesters were pelting stones over public transport and private vehicles, which was not good. A man could not stand under scorching heat even a minute but they stood there for more than two hours, he denounced.

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