TIB report ‘unreal’: Police

Bangladesh on 12 July 2013
Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh | Source : New Age

The police have dismissed as ‘unreal’ a report by Transparency International Bangladesh.

The recent report by TIB had identified the police as one of three main fountainheads of corruption - political parties and judiciary being the other two.

‘The results of its survey are unclear, unrealistic and not based on information,’ a police press release said.
‘A report such as this based purely on assumptions, can further aggravate the negative image people have about the police.’  The press release said this will further widen the gap and create a crisis of trust between the people and the police.

The police also questioned TIB’s survey methodology.  

‘A sample of 1,695 people was interviewed and they expressed their idea and experience about the police. But this is a microscopic minority.’  The press release also said that presently an average of 10,000 people come to seek service from police - a force of 2, 50,000 men and women in uniform every day.

The police press release said it was not clear whether these people who were interviewed ever sought any service from the police and whether their opinions were based on actual experiences or mere perceptions.

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