Teen tortured for 'filming' cops beating theif

India on 15 April 2014
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | Source : Times of India

A 17-year-old boy alleged he was brutally assaulted by policemen last month for taking pictures of them assaulting a suspect on a Wadala street. Police confirmed he was booked but denied allegations of torture, adding a probe has been ordered into the incident.

Mohammed Wajid claimed he was talking on his mobile when the cops, who were taking a suspect to the police station, thought he was taking their pictures and arrested him. He said he was subjected to third-degree torture at the police station, which left him with severe internal injuries to his private parts. But a senior police officer said Wajid was booked for obstructing a government servant from doing his duty, denying the torture.

Wajid said he was going to work at around 10.30am on March 31, when he saw a small crowd watching three plainclothes policemen beating up a handcuffed thief. Wajid said the cops felt he was trying to capture the action on his mobile, and assaulted him. Wajid said he told them he hadn't taken photos and requested them to check his mobile but they took him to Wadala Truck Terminal police station. In lock-up, Wajid claimed he was subjected to third-degree torture and fainted, but the torture continued as he regained consciousness. He said police also asked if he had any terror links. He was granted bail by the court on April 1.

Wajid, who suffered severe internal injuries to his private parts, was treated at the Sion Hospital OPD as he complained of being unable to pass urine, but had to be admitted after complications on April 6. His medical report said he sustained blunt trauma on his abdomen and chest, probably caused due to being beaten by belts and lathis. The report also said a tooth cleaning stick was inserted in his anus and he was unable to walk.

Wajid complained to senior police officers and the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission. Additional commissioner of police (central region), Madhukar Pande said, "It is a very serious allegation and I have ordered an inquiry. If found guilty, the policemen will face strict action."

The teenager, who works and lives at a garment factory, is also pursuing religious education. His family lives in Uttar Pradesh. "Police are the protectors of law, we never expected them to behave like local goons," said his friend.


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