Take action against inspector, sub-inspector for arresting elderly citizen: State Police Complaints Authority

India on 17 February 2014
Location : Goa | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Flickr User Bobulix

Treating a senior citizen as a 'hardened criminal' has cost two police officers dear, as the State Police Complaints Authority (SPCA) on Friday recommended disciplinary action against the duo.

The SPCA has recommended action against police inspector Nolasco Raposo and PSI Sheriff Jacques for their gross misbehavior, abuse of authority and unpardonable harassment caused by them to 70-year-old Francis M De Souza. De Souza had stated before the SPCA that on September 7, 2009, he was wrongfully and arbitrarily arrested and thrown into a cell 'unfit for animals, with a filthy toilet', by Raposo and Jacques without carrying out proper investigation or giving any reason for his arrest.

The SPCA observed that that the senior citizen was arrested by Jacques merely on the basis of a non-cognizable complaint filed by A Noronha in 2009. During the time Raposo was in charge of the Calangute police station.

"After going through the papers submitted by the petitioner and records at the police station, it is seen that Jacques' action was not suiting to the situation and the petitioner, who is a senior citizen of 70 years, should not have been locked up as a hardened criminal. The matter was not properly inquired into before initiating action against the petitioner," SPCA's chairman Justice R M S Khandeparkar has stated in the report.

Khandeparkar said that an overview assessment of the present case does reveal several acts of commission and omission by Raposo and Jacques by their gross misbehavior and abuse of power.

The SPCA also remarked De Souza's arrest was illegal and arbitrary "merely on the basis of a non cognizable complaint by a neighbour, without carrying out any proper inquiry and investigation allegedly for an ulterior motive".

The SPCA has stated that the action against the police officers be taken within a period of 90 days. "We direct the DGP of the state to submit a suitable compliance report on the action taken," Khandeparkar said in the report.

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