Street crime on the rise; Delhi never so unsafe

India on 17 July 2013
Location : Delhi, India | Source : Hindustan Times. Image Source: Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI: Delhi streets were never so unsafe. Cases of street crime such as snatching and robbery reported an increase of 57% and 47%, respectively, according to police statistics. Also, 16 minors are kidnapped or go missing every day in Capital.

Statistics show that while areas such as Rohini, Vijay Vihar, Alipur, Mangolpuri, Narela in outer Delhi reported the maximum number of snatching and robbery cases in the last six months. Colonies such as Seelampur, Bhajanpura, Shahadra and Sonia Vihar in northeast Delhi reported maximum number of kidnapping and abduction cases.

District-wise comparative statistics for 2012 and 2013, up to July 8, show that outer Delhi has witnessed a startling increase of around 131% in cases of snatching while robbery cases have gone up by 55% compared to last year.

A total of 222 snatchings have been reported with the outer district police against 105 snatchings for the same period last year. The east district ranks second with 113 snatching cases registered in the last six months, followed by the northeast district which has witnessed 98 snatchings.
Similarly, Delhi police figures show that when it comes to cases of robbery, the outer district is the worst victim with 62 cases registered till July 8 against 40 robbery cases for the same period last year. The southeast district occupies the second position with 55 robbery cases while northeast district ranks third with 52 robberies.

Besides witnessing an upward trend in cases of snatching and robbery, the police also reported a sharp rise in cases of kidnapping and abduction. According to official statistics, 16 minors go missing/or are kidnapped everyday in Delhi, while at least two cases of abduction are reported every day.

Crime figures for 2013 and 2012 till July 8 show that kidnapping cases have gone up by 67% while cases of abduction have seen a whopping increase of 136%.

The northeast district, with 419 cases registered till July 8 this year, alone is witnessing at least three cases of kidnapping every day. The district also tops the chart with 44 abduction cases. During the same period last year, the northeast district had registered 233 cases of kidnapping and only 12 cases of abduction.

In terms of kidnapping cases, outer district ranks second with 418 cases, followed by southeast district which has witnessed 365 kidnappings. With 42 abduction cases, the east district occupies the second spot while outer district is ranked third with 35 cases.

Putting up barricades at strategic points is among the initiatives taken by Delhi police to check the rising trend of petty street crimes like snatching and robbery.

Facing flak for a sudden spurt in cases of robbery and snatching, Delhi police officials claim that they have pulled up their socks and are taking adequate steps to curb such crimes.

Apart from intensifying checking of vehicles at police barricades erected at strategic points across the city, the in-charge of all the police stations in Delhi have been asked to form dedicated teams to keep a tab on notorious criminals operating in their areas.

Possessing a strong-fleet of around 900 Police Control Room (PCR) vehicles, 370 of which have been added recently, the Delhi police is hoping that the presence of such police vans will deter criminals from carrying out street crime.

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