Six-year-old Gudiya still awaits justice

India on 15 April 2014
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : Yahoo! India News

The family members of the six-year-old Gudiya, who was kidnapped and brutally raped by two men in Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area last year, are still waiting for justice.

It’s been a year since the fateful day, but Gudiya’s family has yet to receive any help from the government and politicians, who left without fulfilling their promises after the media glare on the incident faded away.

Following the uproar over the incident, which took place less than four months after the December 16 gang rape, politicians including Congress president Sonia Gandhi and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj visited Gudiya’s family and made big promises, but the family claims that everyone seems to have forgotten them with time.

“After the incident and protests, many leaders came to meet her and made promises.

Sonia Gandhi and Sushma Swaraj also came but now when we try to reach them, nobody responds. People have very short memory but we are living with the trauma every day,” said Santosh, Gudiya’s paternal uncle who works as a mechanic.

The family, which will soon move to a one bedroom flat provided by Care Today, said that the only constant help they received is from the India Today Group. “India Today Group has constantly helped us. They are providing us with a EWS flat where we will move soon,” Gudiya’s father said.

Even as she is trying to build a new life, memories of the brutal incident refuse to leave Gudiya, her parents said. The name Gudiya was given to her by the India Today Group. Her mother said that if anyone tries to talk to her about the unfortunate incident, she closes her eyes and refuses to utter a single word.

“She never talks about the incident and if anyone tries to talk to her, she simply closes her eyes.

Even in the court, she can’t utter a word. We also try to avoid talking about it,” her father added.

Gudiya, who underwent over four surgeries, now studies at a private school in Gurgaon and dreams of becoming a doctor.

“She is happy with her school and new friends. While she is good at studies, she also loves to dance. She says she will become a doctor,” he said.

To save Gudiya from constant public glare, the family of four moved to Gurgaon after changing addresses in Delhi.

She was kidnapped from her home on April 15 last year and was later found in the same building after two days. Foreign objects including candles and bottles were found inside her body. Manoj Shah, 22, and Pradeep Kumar, 20, were arrested last year from Bihar and the case is pending in a fast-track court. But the family complains that the case is moving at a slow speed.

“While the Nirbhaya and Shakti Mills cases have been solved and the culprits have been punished, we are still waiting for justice. It has been one year, but there is no sign of closure for us. The Shakti Mill incident happened after our case but judgment has been pronounced in it. I don’t know when our suffering will end?” said her father, who has found employment in the same school she is studying in.


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