Sindhi writers write to CJ over violence

Pakistan on 03 April 2014
Location : Karachi | Source : Nation. Image Source: Nation

Sindhi writers and intellectuals wrote a letter to the chief justice of Pakistan for taking notice of human rights violations in Sindh.

Citing the recent killing of two nationalist workers- Maqsood Qureshi and Suleman Wadho, the Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum said that like Balochistan, abductions, brutal killings and dumping of mutilated bodies was becoming a routine in Sindh.

“The two assassinated political workers were kidnapped and their charred bodies were found in a torched car near Bhirya town of Noshehro Feroz on March 21. Both of them had a spotless political career. They were never implicated in any criminal or objectionable case”, the letter said.

Sindhi writers noted that such incidents are becoming more frequent in Sindh and creating a charged environment that can be exploited by elements who want to infuse violence in a relatively peaceful political ambience of the province.

“Similar incidents turned Balochistan into a hell, where bloodshed stays high. The Supreme Court has already taken serious notice of such incidents in Balochistan. Alarming frequency of such incidents is not only a humiliation of Constitution but can also trigger violent reaction which does not portend well for the Country”

The Sindhi writers opined that the country has a poor image on account of human rights and such incidents will further sully its image before international community.  They made a request to the Supreme Court to take notice of such inhuman acts of violation of human rights.

They said that the Constitution guarantees citizens rights and Honorable Supreme Court is custodian of the Constitution. Whereas Provincial and Federal governments have failed to fulfill their responsibility to protect lives of citizens, we are sending this urgent request for your kind attention. “ We attached great hopes in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and expect that innocent political workers of Sindh will be saved from an unremitting brutality. Your timely intervention can stymie further damage that may potentially result from such gross violations of human rights”, Letter of the Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum concluded.

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