Sindh Human Rights Commission established

Pakistan on 06 August 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : Daily Times. Image Source: Flickr User Ramesh Lalwani

KARACHI: Sindh Government has established the Sindh Human Rights Commission; a government-run body to protect people's fundamental rights, with former judge Sindh High Court Justice (rtd) Majida Razvi as its chairperson. 

Speaking at a press conference here on Monday, Majida Razvi said that the Federal Government has taken steps and legislated laws that led to setting up of 'Sindh Human Rights Commission' under The Sindh Protection of Human Rights Act, 2011. Two members of the commission, Syed Gul Munir Shah and Rubina Brohi also accompanied her on the occasion.

Razvi said the Commission's job is to protect the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to create a society 'free of violence, extremism and have an environment of peace, interfaith and justice'.

She added that the Commission would be able to inquire, take suo moto on petition by victims or any person on his/her behalf in complaint of a violation of fundamental rights or abetment, negligence in the prevention of such violation, by a public servant. It can also recommend the government to initiate measures, including action to be taken against anyone involved in violation of basic rights.

The Commission can also formulate, implement and regularly update policies with a view to protect Human Rights as well as review the safeguards provided by or under the constitution. It will study treaties and other international instruments on human rights, and make recommendations for their effective implementation.

An HRCC Complaint Cell will also be set up to monitor the violation of Human Rights; it will receive complaints for legal act, domestic violence, Karo-Kari, Burn Cases, etc.

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