Sindh govt imposes ban on issuing new weapon licenses

Pakistan on 03 October 2013
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : Express Tribune. Image Source: Express Tribune

KARACHI: The Sindh Government has imposed a ban on issuing new weapon licenses, Express News reported on Thursday.
Old licenses will also have to be verified.

This decision was made in order to improve the current law and order situation in the province, particularly Karachi.

Police have seized illegal weapons in multiple raids in the city.

On September 3, the police seized two large caches of illegal weapons in separate raids and arrested two arms dealers.

They seized five automatic shotguns, nine 12-bore repeaters, two 12-bore double-barrel guns, two 12-bore single barrel guns, 33 9mm pistols, two 30-bore pistols, one 7mm rifle, one 30-bore Mauser pistol, and 31 revolvers.

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