Sexual assault by policemen in Delhi

India on 06 June 2014
Location : Delhi, India | Source : OHeraldo. Image Source: flickr user ramesh lalwani

A shocking sexual assault by police personnel in uniform, allegedly inserting batons into private parts of women, occurred on Wednesday not in some remote village but on the Parliament street here at a walking distance from the Parliament House on the day the new Lok Sabha began its session. Many women were from a Dalit community.

The sordid incident was brought to light by NGO 'Women against sexual violence and state repression' in a 2-page memorandum to Delhi Police, demanding an immediate dismissal of the accused personnel from service and registration of a case under Section 354 of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act of 2013.

The memorandum also demanded registration of a case against the police officer under Section 376 read with Section 511 (attempt to rape) for allegedly ordering the uniformed personnel to insert "lathi" (baton) in private parts of the protesters.

Among the victims of the sexual brutality of police included activist advocate Pyoli Swatija of Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Sumedha Baudh of Rashtriya Dalit Mahila Andolan, one Rakhi and mothers of two gang-rape victims heading the demonstration at the Parliament Street Police Station.

The memorandum taunted the police commissioner to stop wasting the taxpayer's money on the PR exercise of training the rank and file in "gender sensitive policing" and better take "strong, immediate and exemplary action against personnel accused of the instant crime."

The demonstration was to protest against the police evicting a group of Dalit people from Bhagana village in Haryana staging a "dharna" at Jantar Mantar, a site for demonstrations in the capital, since last one month to protest against abduction and gang-rape of four minor girls.

The demonstrators wanted to meet the police station in-charge when policemen started pushing them and "targeting the women by grabbing their private parts and pushing their hands into the anal region," the memorandum alleged.

Even while some policemen spoke to the Bhagana group in Haryanvi to better go away and not make any trouble, the memorandum alleged that a senior police officer, in uniform but without the name badge, came out from the police station and shouted: "Are ye aise nahi manenga -- lathi ghusao (They will not go away, insert baton)."

The memorandum alleged that what followed was an ugly scene of the sexual assault on women by both uniformed men and 4-5 uniformed women police. All of them did not bear the name badge except for one police woman Suman D who also removed it after few minutes. "We can identify most if not all the attackers by face, including the officer who gave the order for the sexual attack."

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