Set up police complaint centre in each district: HC to Punjab, Haryana

India on 04 October 2013
Location : Chandigarh, India | Source : Indian Express.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Wednesday directed Punjab and Haryana governments to set up Police Complaints Authorities (PCA) in each of their districts within three months.

The directions were passed on two separate PILs filed by Advocate H C Arora and Anil Aggarwal. Demanding setting up of PCA in all districts of Punjab and Haryana, Arora had contended that the states are under a legal obligation to set up PCAs in wake of a Supreme Court judgment.

Opposing this, counsels for Punjab and Haryana on Wednesday argued that the high court should not entertain the PILs, as the matter is pending before the apex court. The argument, however, found little favour with the HC.

Arora, on the other hand, contended that since Punjab and Haryana have already enacted their respective Police Acts in 2007 and already made provisions for setting up of district level police complaints authorities, the states cannot refuse to set up such complaints authorities.

The HC also rejected the contention of the two states that they don't require complaints authorities at this stage, since they have so many other forums for entertaining complaints of citizens against police officers.

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