SC hails police, Rangers operation in Karachi

Pakistan on 30 October 2013
Location : Pakistan | Source : Nation. Image Source: Nation

The Supreme Court Tuesday resumed hearing of Karachi law and-order suo motu implementation case and hailed law enforcement agencies’ anti-criminal action in the city.

Additional Inspector General Sindh police, Shahid Hayat, appeared before a bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry and submitted a report on police crackdown against outlaws.

The Karachi police chief stated that targeted operations were carried out in the city in order to curb the violence and street crime. He told the court that over 5000 cases have been registered since the police operation begun.

Advocate General Sindh apprised the court that a campaign was launched in the city to recover illegal arms and, as a result, peace has returned to the city. He described the ongoing violence in Lyari as mere armed clash between two criminal gangs.

The CJP appreciated police and Rangers actions in Karachi; however, he said that Sindh government’s claims stand in sharp contrast to media reports.

“What’s going on in Lyari? Is it still a no-go area? Are the citizens in Lyari enjoying rights under Article 9? What steps were taken to get rid of illegal arms?” the CJP enquired from the Advocate General Sindh.

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