Rising: Cops trapped in corruption net

India on 06 August 2013
Location : Bhopal, India | Source : Hindustan Times. Image Source: Hindustan Times

BHOPAL: Is the corruption increasing in the rank and file of MP police? The question stares the state police force in its face in wake of a series of incidents in which policemen are being caught for their involvement in corrupt practices across the state.

The latest incident has occurred in Bhind where an assistant sub-inspector (ASI), Ram Lakhan Dohre, was caught when he was charging money from the the roadside vendors. Fed up of his demands, the traders had informed the Special Police Establishment (SPE) of Lokayukta.

The SPE team had subsequently laid a trap and had caught him red-handed while taking the money on July 18. In fact, the police personnel are getting trapped on a regular basis for taking bribes. Another policeman was caught for corruption just a few days back in Ratlam.

The police official, Ramvir Singh Dandotia, was caught demanding a bribe in lieu of releasing three persons.
The trio had been arrested in a case of assault. Dandotia, an in-charge of the police outpost at Berda in Ratlam, was demanding Rs 20,000 for the same. However, he was caught red-handed when the deal was fixed for Rs 10,000. This incident had occurred on July 4.

Just before this incident, an ASI was caught for corrupt ways in Sagar. The policeman, Lakhan Sridhar, was trapped for taking money on May 31. The complainant, Jagdish Kurmi, had been injured in a case of assault, but Sridhar was allegedly asking him for bribe in order to register the complainant’s FIR in a genuine case of assault.

In fact, it could be just the tip of the ice-berg. After all, the biggest shocker had come recently when a policeman was caught for taking bribe in the same building where both the Range IG and DIG Urban sit in Bhopal. The Lokayukta police team had trapped Rajendra Rawal on the complaint that he was demanding money for passport verification.

A bribe of Rs 7,500 was demanded in this case. Surprisingly, the policeman was posted in the sensitive District Special Branch office and was taking bribe in the room just close to the chamber of IG. Soon after the incident, he was suspended. DGP Nandan Dube couldn’t be contacted despite attempts to get his version over phone.

However, police officials insist that whenever there is any incident involving policemen’s corruption, stern action is taken. “The person is suspended and inquiry is initiated,” says a senior officer at Police Headquarters.

“We even conduct inquiry. In fact, ours is a department where policemen even get terminated for misconduct,” he added.

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