Report in Rajya Sabha criticizes Delhi Police

India on 20 February 2014
Location : Delhi | Source : Times of India. Image Source: Flickr User ThiagoPP

Delhi Police, which is often criticized for its poor police-public relations and unfriendly behaviour towards complaints, has been flayed by the parliamentary standing committee. In its 176th report, tabled in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the parliamentary committee has raised questions on the integrity of police officers and has asked Delhi Police to do some "soul searching" and "introspection". 

The committee, headed by M Venkaiah Naidu, and represented by LK Advani, Sandeep Dikshit, Naveen Jindal and several other Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha members, has remarked that "people (in Delhi) suffer from police phobia". 

Commenting on the transparency in Delhi Police, the committee has stated "despite the fact that Delhi Police has undertaken several schemes and programmes, still people continue to suffer from police phobia". The Committee, therefore, feels that it is high time for Delhi Police for soul searching and introspection about the effectiveness of the schemes. The committee is of the considered view that the Delhi Police should take up brain storming sessions regularly on how to improve its public image through effective reaching out to public and proving a transparent and citizen friendly policing," says the report. The committee had taken suggestions from public who had urged for change in attitude of police officers so that there is fear of law and not of police. 

In its response to the committee, Delhi Police had informed that they had adopted several measures like 'know your police stations, eyes and ears scheme, Parivartan, women help desk, Yuva scheme, interaction by senior officers, Jan Sampark Sabhas and other various measures, for better police-public interaction. Delhi Police's reply didn't seem to impress the committee. 

Delhi Police has been blamed recently over its response in dealing with complainants in cases likeNirbhaya rape, Geeta Colony rape and recent Nido Tania death incident. 

The committee feels that Delhi Police should gain appropriate expertise and take advantage of police-public interface mechanisms existing in metropolitan cities of developed countries like UK, USA, Singapore and adopt better concepts".

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