Reforming services: Police to fire all corrupt officials: IGP

Pakistan on 21 August 2013
Location : Peshawar, Pakistan | Source : The Express Tribune. Image Source: The Express Tribune

Inspector General Police (IGP) Ihsan Ghani has constituted a Police Accountability Commission at the Central Police Office (CPO) as well as disciplinary committees on districts level to eliminate corruption in the department.

The commission will be headed by the additional inspector general (AIG) at the provincial level, while disciplinary committees will be led by district police officers (DPOs) along with the SSP Special Branch.

“DIG inquiry, AIG establishment, DIG headquarters and AIG legal are members of the commission,” said a police official, requesting anonymity.

The commission has been tasked to take action against corrupt police officials in light of intelligence reports and police records. It is expected to be in place and functional within a month’s time.

“There are policemen who have luxurious lifestyles and live in expensive houses and own properties. This cannot be done without corruption, action will be taken against such personnel, including SHOs and DSPs among others,” the official said.

Initially, the basic work will be done by disciplinary committees at the district level who will recommend departmental action against corrupt officials who live beyond their means, he added. The commission will then investigate the matter and make recommendations to senior police officials.
“Once it is proved that a police officer is involved in corruption, the commission will send its recommendation to the IGP and the official will be fired.”

The provincial government wants to change the image of the police and establishing the commission is a step in the right direction, the official said. Firing corrupt officials from the service will set an example for others, he claimed.

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