Recover missing persons by Tuesday: SC

Pakistan on 26 August 2013
Location : Quetta, Pakistan | Source : The International News. Image Source: The International News

During the proceedings of the missing persons case at the Supreme Court’s Quetta registry, Chief Justice Iftihkar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that the missing persons who had been detained by the FC be released by tomorrow. He said that the former IG Police had presented a report stating that the FC had detained the missing persons.
IG FC Major General Ijaz Shahid in his statement before the apex court said that he had just taken charge and would evaluate each case. He added that if the missing persons were in the custody of the FC they would be presented. Justice Jawaad S Khawaja while speaking to the IG FC said that if their uniforms were being used that matter should also be taken into consideration.
The chief justice asked if the FC wanted their personnel to be presented before the court in handcuffs.
Earlier during proceedings, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that there were several expectations from the new government to resolve problems. The chief justice further said that the former government was better as they at least recovered missing persons occasionally.
Chief Secretary Balochistan and other concerned officials also appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja asked the additional attorney general what the results were after the formation of commissions, task forces and meetings on the missing persons case.
The chief justice asked what happened to the task force which was formed for the case. He said that the rule of law and constitution should be upheld as people were already saying that there was no writ of the government.
As proceedings continued, the chief justice remarked that no one was above the law, and those who were facing cases pertaining to the missing persons should be arrested. “From an ordinary citizen to the president, everyone has to abide by the law.”
The apex court has sought a written reply from the additional attorney general regarding the course of action the federal and provincial governments want to take regarding the missing persons.

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