Rape victim waited 14 hrs before complaint was filed

India on 10 October 2013
Location : New Delhi, India | Source : Indian Express. Image Source: Flickr User Phil W Shirley

A day after The Indian Express reported that the SHO of Uttam Nagar police station, Bhagwan Singh, was suspended pending inquiry after a 13-year-old gangrape victim claimed that he made her "strip and show him" how she was raped, the girl said police made her wait for over 14 hours before filing her complaint.
In her complaint to the Joint Commissioner of Police, she said when she was taken to the police station, the child helpline and an NGO were informed.

But instead of conducting a medical examination, those around her, including an ASI, humiliated her till SHO Bhagwan Singh arrived, she alleged.

"The SHO, asked everyone except me, my mother and aunt to wait outside. He made me remove my salwar and sexually assaulted me. He called me a prostitute and said I was lying. He told me that I have no injuries and that I was not bleeding. He asked me not to exaggerate the incident and asked me to give a complaint the way he wanted it to be written. He said he knew the families of two of the accused and that he was the SHO of Dwarka earlier... He offered to get me some money. He said if I didn't listen to him, he would ensure that people in the locality threw us out of our house," she said in her complaint.

According to police, on September 12, the girl was on her way home when she met a neighbour, a childhood friend, who invited her home. She went to her neighbour's home, and soon, four men in a white car came there. The friend, on the pretext of taking her to the temple, put her in the car and took her to a flat in Dwarka.

The girl told The Sunday Express, "There, she made me drink a cold drink laced with sedatives the men took turns to rape me. When I resisted, they hit me and I fell unconscious."

The girl claimed that she began bleeding and begged the men to let her go. She claimed that her friend showed her a video of the incident and threatened to make it public.

DCP (West) Ranveer Singh said, "As soon as we were alerted about the gangrape on September 14, the girl was taken to the police station. A case of gangrape was registered the same day and the accused arrested that evening. A vigilance inquiry has been ordered on the girl's complaint."

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