Punjab CM fills two key police posts 'on his own'

Pakistan on 12 June 2013
Location : Punjab, Pakistan | Source : Pakistan Today. Image Source: Pakistan Today

As the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) led Punjab government apparently failed to reach an understanding over the appointment of the provincial police chief till Sunday night, the newly-elected chief executive of the province has made two key postings by choosing officers on his own.

With a two-thirds majority in Punjab and non-interference from the federal government, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has again started ‘by-passing’ police authorities in the appointment of top slots. Shahbaz who is known for interviewing and selecting police officers for field postings on his own, seldom gets the feedback from the IGP in such appointments.

Punjab government had in late hours of Saturday notified DIG Chaudhry Shafique Ahmad as new Capital City Police Officer (Lahore) and DIG Muhammad Tahir Rai as DIG (Operations) Lahore.

Mr Ahmad and Mr Rai have already served as the DIG (Investigation) and the DIG (Operations) in Lahore in the previous tenure of Shahbaz Sharif and ‘got’ his sympathies.

Sources privy to the development told local media that Mr Sharif had appointed two senior field police officers without appointing the regular IGP which was a proof of his past track record.

They claimed that although Shahbaz was seriously considering retaining acting IGP Khan Baig as the provincial police chief, he should have first appointed the IGP to maintain a chain of command. Names of Additional IG Nasir Khan Durrani and Balochistan IGP Mushtaq Sukhera also remained under consideration till Sunday.

Sources said it seemed that the chief minister had started picking field officers who were earlier tested by him or had developed a comfort level with him. Some officers like SSP Dr Muhammad Rizwan would also be likely to get a key position in days to come.  (Click below to read more).

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