PRW & CHRI welcome the pragmatic approach by the DGP, Maharashtra on the proposed plan to counter radicalisation of Muslim Youth

India on 19 January 2015
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : CHRI and Police Reforms Watch. Image Source: Flickr user Bopuc

Police Reforms Watch[PRW] and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative [CHRI] welcomes the pragmatic approach by Shri Sanjeev Dayal,  Director General of Police, Maharashtra  on the proposed plan to counter radicalisation of Muslim youth. 

Media reports mention that a plan for building greater cooperation between alienated segments of the public and the police is now before government. This is recognition that there is a deal of mistrust of the police within the public and amongst certain sections in particular. 
 In our view greater cooperation with policing is vital to achieving overall safety and countering threats to its security. This will come only when policing policies attitudes and practices change and become more equitable and even handed.

Ensuring communal harmony has to be recognized as a basic task of policing if law and order is to be maintained. This requires that the police force become much more representative of the population it serves in its composition, are deliberately trained to value diversity and educated about how to police in a multi-lingual and multicultural setting, live within the communities they police and are judged for success and efficiency beyond the present paradigm of looking at crime statistics.

Government needs to set out a clear plan of action after wide consultations that take account of public grievances and aspirations, set aside money for practical implementation and put in place indicators that can evaluate success beyond mere crime statistics.

Mr. Julio Ribeiro, former Mumbai Police Commissioner with the support of the then Mumbai Police Commissioner Satish Sahney took the first initiative towards bridging this trust deficit by setting up the mohalla committees, whose success is proven by how many times they have managed to avert serious communal conflagrations. Now the Mumbai Police Commissioner  Rakesh Maria also wants to strengthen the functioning of the  Mohalla Committees.

DGP Dayal’s suggestions must be implemented in order to carry this task forward.

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