Promotion process backlog affecting police department

India on 31 July 2013
Location : IMPHAL, India | Source : Kanga Online. Image Source: Flickr User: Prato9x

IMPHAL, June 30: The morale of the police personnel on duty have been greatly affected, as the government has not processed the promotion of police personnel, who are on duty maintaining law and order of the state and conducting counter-insurgency operations round the clock, for a long time and it has become a major cause of negligence in carrying out their duties.
The annual report (2012-2013) of the Manipur Police Department under the Home Department of the Manipur government in the 5th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly was presented on the floor of the House. As per the report in promotion/housing at page No. 5 of this report, the promotion process of a total of 1373 personnel of different posts of this department  remain pending as under process.
As per the report, the promotion process which remains pending as of now is promotion of 168 personnel from constable (female) to head constable (female) under process. Proceedings of DPC held for promotion of 91 personnel from follower to rifleman was submitted to Home Department on October 3, 2011 and the approval of Home Department is said to be awaited.

Proceedings of DPC to be held for 34 Sls for promotion from sub-inspector of police (male) to inspector of police (male) were submitted to Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) on April 3, 2011. But DPC for the promotion has not been held to date and remains pending with MPSC. Promotion for 1038 personnel from police constable to head constable of this department remains pending as under process.

There is no further report after the proceeding for promotion of six personnel from Subedar to SM was submitted to Home Department on January 6, 2011. No further action has been taken up after proceedings of DPC for promotion of six employees from upper division clerk to head clerk of the department were submitted to Home Department. It is cited in the administrative report that there is no further report other than under process regarding promotion process of 30 employees from lower division clerk (LDC) to upper division clerk (UDC).

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