President Yameen vows advancement of Maldives Police Service

Maldives on 19 November 2013
Location : Maldives | Source : online. Image Source: oline

Newly inaugurated president Abdulla Yameen has vowed to put every effort on part of the government for the development and advancement of the Maldives Police Service.

President Yameen made the statement while speaking at a meeting with the Police Management Board in Iskandhar Koshi on Sunday. The meeting was also attended by Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz, Deputy Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed and other senior officers of the police.

President Yameen said the police is a dignified institution and that it should not be subjected to a negative perception as a consequence of implementing their legal mandates. He appealed to individual police officer carry out their legal duties within the boundaries of the law and to always portray exemplary disciplinary standards to the public.

He also appealed to the police institution to accelerate the investigation process and to increase the speed of their service, especially to young people, in processing inquiries of criminal records for those seeking employment.

Vice President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed noted that, having faced a challenging environment in the recent past, the Maldives Police Service has shown patience in overcoming their challenges. He said the government is willing to facilitate whatever means necessary to increase the safety of policemen, including acquiring better resources and increased penalties for attacking police officers. 

Speaking at the meeting, Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz assured the president and vice president that the police will stand steadfast in serving the government. He said the police will lend every support and continue to do the necessary in order to maintain peace in the country.

The Commissioner of Police also shared challenges faced the police institution and noted that conditions of the every-day policeman need to be improved.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed said small islands continue to request for police presence in their communities, but noted that the police have been unable to establish a permanent presence due to the financial constraints.

During the meeting, police division commanders in the islands, also members of the police management board, spoke to the president and vice president via video like and briefed them of their recent undertakings, challenges and successes.

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