Political violence claimed 258 lives

Bangladesh on 01 July 2013
Location : Bangladesh | Source : The Daily Star. Image Source: Nazdeek

Political violence claimed lives of 258 people in the last six months while the figure was 84 in the entire last year, states a report published by Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK).  As many as 10,512 people were also injured in 374 incidents of political conflicts in the country since June this year, it said.

Alarmingly, a total of 11 Bangladeshis were shot dead by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) while two tortured to death in last six months.  A total of 86 people were abducted by BSF men while 32 of them had been released following negotiations by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).

Based on newspaper reports, ASK estimated that 65 people were killed in mob beating, 35 in jail custody, 12 in police torture and 22 in “crossfire” in the last six months.

Two journalists were killed and 196 were tortured, while 22 received death threats from the ruling party activists and unidentified miscreants.

The government had imposed section 144 for 75 times in seven divisional headquarters during the period, said the report of the human rights organisation.  


The ASK report also said 529 women were raped and 158 tortured for dowry in the last six months.  

Forty-four women were killed after being raped, 46 housemaids had been tortured by their employers, 11 women committed suicide due to sexual harassment and 11 fell victim to fatwa (religious edicts) during the period.

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