Police yet to find out motive for couple murder

Bangladesh on 20 August 2013
Location : Bangladesh | Source : The New Age

The Detective Branch of police is in dark about the motive for the killing of Special Branch inspector Mahfuzur Rahman and his wife Swapna Rahman and how many people were involved in the murder.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police joint commissioner Monirul Islam at a briefing on Monday claimed that Oishi Rahman, the daughter of the slain couple, in interrogation confesses to her involvement in the murder of her parents, who were stabbed to death in their apartment at Chamelibagh in the capital on August 14.

Slain police officer Mahfuzur’s brother Moshiur Rahman, however, does not believe that Oishi has killed her parents. 

‘It is true that Oishi used to live an indiscipline life, but that does not mean that she can kill her parents,’ he told New Age, adding that there might be conspiracy behind the killing.

Monirul Islam also told reporters that they were talking to colleagues, friends and relatives of the slain couple to get any further clues.
Oishi, an O-level student reportedly 17, and their minor housemaid Khadija Khatun Sumi, 11, were remanded in police custody on Sunday for five days for interrogation.

A police official claimed that in the interrogation, Oishi told the investigators that her friends, who were hiding in the flat, participated in the killing and stabbed the couple.

The police, however, did not disclose the names of the friends of Oishi. 
Monirul Islam said that Oishi had mixed ten sedative tablets with coffee and served her mother at around 7:00pm. 

He claimed that during the five-hour interrogation, Oishi said that her mother, Swapna Rahman, slept at drawing room as she drank the coffee. Later, she served another cup of coffee to her father at around 11:30pm and he slept at Oishi’s room.

At around 3:00am on August 15, Oishi’s mother woke-up when she tried to kill her. Swapna tried to protect herself, but due to the effect of sedative tablets, she could not resist. Then Oishi stabbed her father, claimed Monirul.

A Detective Branch official, asking for anonymity, told New Age that Oishi went away from her home a month ago and she was brought back by her parents after a week.

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