Police vehicles in district to get CCTV, video cameras

India on 25 April 2014
Location : Kohlapur, India | Source : Times of India; image source: flickr user Elliott Brown

Police stations in the district will soon be equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and video cameras.

The CCTV cameras will be installed on the vehicles of the station-in-charge, while video cameras will be used to record first-hand evidence in any kind of violence reported in the jurisdiction.

"Following violence, especially involving mobs violating law and order, detainees claim that they were not present at the incident spot and that the police have falsely booked them. Once we have footage of such incidents, the accused will not get a chance to make such claims," said Kolhapur superintendent of police Manojkumar Sharma.

"Now, when such incidents occur, police inspectors on duty will reach the spot in vehicles that will have these CCTV cameras mounted on their vehicles to record all the activity in an area. Through this footage, we will get details about the mob and it will be easier to nab culprits," Sharma said.

"We are installing these cameras on 10 vehicles initially and will soon cover all the police stations in the district," Sharma said. The district has 28 police stations.

Along with this, police stations in the district will be equipped with video cameras to record and keep an eye on the mob during morchas or incidents that might create law-and-order problems.

"Only a few police stations have video cameras now; in emergencies, we have to hire cameras from private operators or have to depend on the video recording of television channels. The need of policemen equipped with video cameras surfaced during the toll agitation in the city, in January 2014, when three toll booths of IRB were burnt down by agitating mobs. Video recording would have made it much easier to book culprits", Sharma said.

"Now, every police station will be given one video camera and policemen will be trained to use the camera. The CCTV camera on police vehicles and video camera operated by an on-duty policeman will definitely help the police check mob violence and single out anti-social elements," Sharma said.

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