Police to launch crime hot-spot system

Pakistan on 30 July 2013
Location : Lahore, Pakistan | Source : The News

PAKISTAN Information Technology Board in collaboration with the Punjab Police Department is launching location based Crime Hot-Spot System (CHSS) to fight crime in the city.
The formal training of this programme will start on Tuesday at the Arafa Karim Tower, PITB Headquarters.The system will operate with the help of andriod phones. The mobile squad, on being reported the crime at a particular location, will take the android phone to the location and will geo-tag the location of the crime and its nature.
The tagging will be done at the central interface developed by the PITB. This tagging is going to create a crime map which will seek to identify trends and patterns that will lead to addressing security.
The details logged at the interface will include the specific spot and the area where the crime was committed, the time of the crime and the nature of the crime. These crimes include mobile snatching, car-jacking, homicide and dacoity. The geo-tagging of the crime will help the police to identify the areas where a particular crime is committed with high frequency. It will also help in figuring out the reasons for these crimes. The training, due to commence today, will train the police on how to use the android phones to tag a particular location and to enter the details. PITB Chairman Umer Saif said that this system was expected to help curtail the crime ratio in the city as sometimes a little factor contributed towards aiding criminal activity. These, he said, include a particularly poorly lit spot in the area or a gang operating in a particular area. Through the indications of the system, police patrol in these areas can be increased or made more frequent. Also this can help track down criminals residing in a particular area, he said.

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