Police to give protection to RTI activists

India on 15 April 2015
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : The Times of India; Image Source: Creative Commons

MUMBAI: The police will provide protection to over a dozen RTI activists. Those who attend court for cases and whose RTI pleas are being considered in courts will be given priority, said a senior IPS officer. "It's a precautionary measure. We have identified over a dozen RTI activists but don't want to disclose their identity. There should not be any threat to them and hence, protection to them has been decided," said the officer.

Activist Chetan Kothari told TOI that the police had approached him. "Policemen have been visiting my building for a week now. They inquire about my well being and return. Today, two cops from the special branch told me that I will be given two armed police personnel for my protection," he said.

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