Police take 7 days to file FIR, book fewer accused

India on 28 June 2013
Location : Mumbai, India | Source : The Times of India

MUMBAI: In a classic case of burking, theKasturba Marg police delayed the registration of an FIR by seven days after a deliveryman was robbed of cash on the Dahisar skywalk. Worse, the FIR only mentions two accused persons instead of eight.

Madhavdeen Mishra, the complainant, resides at Ravalpada in Dahisar (E). An MP native, Mishra, 29, works as a deliveryman with a firm by day and doubles as a 
security guard in housing societies at night.

On June 19, Mishra had gone to Borivli (W) to deposit some bank cheques entrusted to him by his employer. Around 12.45pm, he was on the Dahisar skywalk when Mishra noticed a group of eight men huddled in a corner, playing cards. The men, all strangers, called out to Mishra to join them, which he refused. At this, one of the men caught hold of him and dragged him backwards. Mishra attempted to resist but there was nobody else on the bridge who could help him. The accused held a knife to Mishra's arm and prised out his wallet containing Rs 7,500 in cash. After threatening him with dire consequences if he revealed the incident to anyone, the men fled.

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