Police reforms must to restore faith

India on 03 October 2013
Location : Chennai, India | Source : Deccan Chronicle. Image Source: Deccan Chronicle

Chennai: “State governments sho­uld make sincere efforts in introducing reforms in the structure and functioning of the police as people are beginning to lose faith in the system,” said Kamal Kumar, former director, National Police Academy.

Addressing a meeting on ‘Consultation on the directives of the Supreme Court and police reforms in Tamil Nadu,’ in Chen­nai on Thursday, he said the state governments sho­u­ld replace the archaic Police Act 1861, intr­oduce­d for the protectio­n of the colonial governme­nt in the wake of the 1857 revolt in the country.

The new legislation mu­st reflect the needs of democracy and the people, incorporating the dire­­c­t­ions of the SC and recommendations of the model police bill.

He said, “Money, muscle and political power influence the functioning of the police and the rule of law is on the brink of collapse. People are losing faith in the justice delivery system, which is dangerous to democracy. Hen­ce, the governments sho­uld take sincere effo­rts in introducing ref­orms in the structure and functions of the police.”

Fo­rmer DGP, Tamil Na­du, V.R. Lakshmi Naray­­anan, said the poli­ce must function in accordance with the law.

Navaz Kotwal, programme coordinator, Commo­­nwealth Human Rights Initiative, (CHRI), New Delhi, said the government had published Tamil Nadu Police (Refo-rms) Ordinance, 2013, on Sep­tember 11 in the gaze­tte, which failed to follow the Supreme Court’s directions.

Ossie Fernandes, director, Human Rights Advo­cacy and Research Foun­dation, said almost all the states were reluctant to introduce police reforms in line with the Supreme Court’s directions.

The meeting was jointly organised by HRF, CHRI, People’s Watch and Cam­paign for Custodial Justice and Abolition of Torture. More than 50 representatives from various NGOs attended the meeting.

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