Police-public gap to be bridged, IGP assures

Bangladesh on 17 April 2015
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Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque has stressed better coordination between police and public for an effective and humane policing to maintain law and order and prevent crimes.

Hoque said common people must interact with the law enforcers to maintain a more powerful and efficient police force.
At the Community Policing Seminar at Sylhet Police Lines on Saturday, he said “It is not possible to develop a people-friendly law enforcement agency unless the communication gap between the police and general population is bridged.”
“Community policing is a common trend in countries across the globe,” he pointed out.
The IGP said, the basic objective of the community policing is to improve the relation between the public and the police and to establish the policy of ‘police for the people and people for the police’.”
“A safer, secured and peaceful society is possible by initiating community policing,” he said.
He further stated that community policing had already started showing good results and that due to such initiative ‘the level of crime has come down’.

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