Police officials feeling Interior Ministry’s pressure

Pakistan on 16 April 2015
Location : Pakistan | Source : Pakistan Today

The Interior Ministry’s ongoing drive to purge the Islamabad Police of black sheep and corrupt officials has sent a wave of nervousness among certain police officers, who have been occupying senior slots for the last many years but showing dismal performance.

As part of their lobbying to ward off screening of their own performance, a delegation of senior police officers reportedly met with Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah to apprise him of their apprehensions of the current drive of the Interior Ministry, a well-placed source in the police confirmed on Wednesday.

According to the source, the Interior Minister recently relived Superintendent of Police Iram Abbasi, who happened to be the niece of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Governor Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, over her poor performance without considering her background and political affiliation.

According to the source, the police officers also sought Shah’s help in reinstating their sacked colleague former SSP Muhammad Ali Nekokara, who was fired after an inquiry committee found him guilty of disobeying orders from the interior ministry during the sit-ins of PTI and PAT in Islamabad.

According to the source, the opposition leader clearly told the visiting police officers to focus on their professional work instead of lobbying for elements, whose performance and integrity was questionable.

Meanwhile, the interior minister was working on a proposal to restrict services of senior police officers in Islamabad to three years, as, according to sources, some senior police officers have started abusing and exploiting their powers while being in the office for the last many years.

According to the sources, a senior police officer, who has been found guilty of misuse of power by an inquiry committee and has been in the Islamabad Police for more than 10 years, has been pushing hard to get the inquiry report null and void to be promoted to the rank of DIG.

The sources said that the interior minister’s drive against corrupt and shady police officers has sent shivers down the spine of crooked and corrupt police officers, who fear that they may also face the music for their alleged involvement in wrongdoings and misuse of power.

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