Police officers to seek PM’s help against DMG influence

Pakistan on 05 November 2013
Location : Islamabad, Pakistan | Source : The News

The tug of war between the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and Pakistan Administrative Service (famously known as the District Management Group) may land before the prime minister for settlement soon.
A group of senior officers of PSP has decided to meet the PM to request placing services matters regarding the police under the Interior Ministry or National Police Bureau so that they can get rid of DMG’s influence.
The PSP and Office Management Group, the two among the three groups forming All Pakistan Unified Group, always complain that they are being meted out stepmotherly treatment by the Establishment Division which regulates their service and is mostly dominated by the DMG officers.
Senior officers of PSP told The News that they would soon seek time from the PM because their service matters are sought through Establishment Division where PSP has no representation. They said that since last many years, the Establishment Secretary always happens to be from the DMG and the groups that share seats with DMG are often sidelined.
Of late, the Establishment Division has held the Departmental Selection Board (DSB) on last Friday promoting others leaving PSP officers who were to be promoted from BS-18 to BS-19. The DSB’s meeting was held after a lapse of sixteen months. The Establishment Division says that the Sindh High Court has issued a stay order dated 15-03-2013 against promotions of PSP officers that was why PSP officers were not promoted in the DSB’s meeting. The Establishment Division will hold another DSB meeting once the stay order is vacated, the sources in the division said.
But the PSP officers have others details to share. They say that the SHC issued the Stay Order on the wrongdoings and inactions of Establishment Division which allowed room to political appointees in police to approach the court. They say that thirteen petitions have gone to the SHC of which 11 were directly appointed DSPs. Police Rules 19.44 provides for directly recruited DSPs to undergo the same training as of ASPs. 10 of these 11 failed in National Police Academy and were thus not eligible for promotion to the rank of Superintendent of Police (Bs-18). The then AG Sindh on 15-05-1997 vide letter 11074-76/E-I/1997 Karachi had also recommended the failed DSPs (10 petitioners) to be discharged from service.
The Establishment Division while considering the case of these 11 officers for appointment in PSP cadre ignored the fact that they have failed the police academy test, the sources said. The Establishment Division was bound to consider the minutes of DPC of provincial government when these officers were promoted to BS-18 alongside final seniority list vide its own letter No F.No.7/3/2009-E-3 Police dated March 2011 but it wasn’t done, they held.
“Five petitioners out of 13 were promoted on out of turn basis but following Supreme Court decision in CP NO 89/2011 their promotions were withdrawn by government of Sindh on July 13, 2013. The Establishment Division ignored this fact and did not de-notify these 5 officers from PSP cadre. The same 5 petitioners were promoted again on 05 August 2013. However their eligibility for induction to PSP was required to be determined afresh which has not been done till date.
Rule 7 of PSP Composition Cadre and Seniority Rules provides for appointment to the service to be made on the basis of selection made on the recommendation of Governor. These officers cannot be eligible for appointment to PSP unless their selection has been made on the recommendation of Governor, based on the final seniority list of provincial police officers. Both these conditions have not been complied with. The seniority of these 11 officers in provisional seniority list as of 01 August 2013 clearly indicates that there are more than 250 officers above them in Bs-18 in PSP Cadre”, the PSP officers maintain.

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