Police officer assaulted on the street

Maldives on 24 August 2013
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A group has assaulted a police officer on the street and stolen his phone.

Police Corporal Mohamed Atheef, who works in the Media Department of the Maldives Police Service, was assaulted at around 3:30 am last night on Buruzu Magu in Henveyru.

One person aged 21 and two people aged 27 have been arrested in relation to this crime.

The police said that those apprehended include a drug convict and a person who has a criminal record for theft.

The police said that Atheef was approached by two people who stole his phone and attempted to escape, following which Atheef tried to chase them. Atheef was then assaulted by a group of four people in front of Henveyru Avashu Office.

The police said that Atheef was assaulted by the four people after he showed them the card to prove that he was a police officer.

Atheef suffered wounds near his mouth and near his left eye, and is currently being treated at IGMH, said the police.

The police also noted with sadness that this incident was reported by some online newspapers and TV channels in a misleading manner.

Atheef has been threatened and intimidated by some groups previously as well.

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