Police Misbehavior

India, Pakistan on 22 August 2013
Location : Lahore, Pakistan | Source : The Nation. Image Source: The Nation

On July 28 a traffic warden fined me for violating a traffic rule in the jurisdiction of Gulberg police station. He asked for my NIC card and I handed it over to him. I paid the fine on August 5 and went to Gulberg police station, Lahore to get my NIC back but faced amazing and disturbing response from the police officers there. There I was told that the said warden had not submitted my identity card in the respective office. On August 16, I went again to the police station and asked the officer on duty for my identity card. He was unable to tell me where it was.

He was kind enough to give me his personal mobile number and asked me to remain in contact with him. He promised me to find my card with the help of other officers. I have been in contact with him but all the time received the same reply, “I am not in the office". Thrice, on August I went to the police station but to no good. Ultimately, I requested the Thana Muharrar to register my complaint. I was shocked to hear him say that as his pen had no ink, he could not write my complaint! He ordered me to bring a ball pen from the market and threatened me that if I did not bring a ball pen my complaint would not be registered. He treated me like his personal servant. Then I filed an application, containing a complaint against the traffic officers, in CTO Traffic Lahore's Office. No action has been taken against the "public servants" yet. I am anguished and harassed by these actions and don’t know where to look for a solution to my problem. Nawaz Sharif promised a change in the police behavior but we have not seen any practical outcome of all that talk during election. I am a very disappointed citizen. Is there no hope in Pakistan? What worries me is that the police can misuse my identity card. Can any ruler hear my voice?
Lahore, August 19.

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