'Police keeps files on individual citizens'

Maldives on 06 April 2015
Location : Maldives | Source : Haveeru Online; Image Source: Haveeru Online

The Maldives Police Service keeps a hefty amount of information on individual citizens, the Police Commissioner Hussein Waheed has said.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Commissioner Waheed said that it would be against Police’s policy to reveal said information unless for legal or investigative purposes.

“'I want to enlighten the public that we have mass amount of data about the individuals. Even though we have the information with us it is against our policy to reveal it other than for investigations and legal purposes. Maldives Police Service will retain and keep this information securely” the post read.

The post had caused much speculation has commenters inquired as to what Commissioner Waheed’s intentions were in revealing that the Police has information on individual citizens. Some even called it a warning. 

However, the an official from the Police said that the Commissioner had ‘nothing but good intentions’ saying what he did and added that it was part of a speech her had given at the Police’s anniversary celebration. 

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