Police Identify and Arrest Main Accused in Minor’s Rape Case

Pakistan on 16 September 2013
Location : Lahore, Pakistan | Source : Paksitan Tribune. Image Source: Pakistan Tribune

LAHORE: Police investigators finally were able to make some progress in the rape case of a five-year old girl in Lahore as they identified and arrested one of the rapists with the help of victim’s cousins. The cousin of minor victim identified the person with the help of sketch prepared by Police after going through CCTV footage. Police has taken the accused known as Shehzad Kapadia into custody and has shifted him to undisclosed location for interrogation.

Five year old girl, resident of Ghousia Colony Mughalpura, a poor neighborhood in provincial capital went missing from outside her home on September 12, 2013. After nearly 24 hours, she was found on a greenbelt outside a local hospital in very critical condition. She was badly mutilated and subjected to rape several times before being dumped outside hospital. A hospital security guard spotted ill-fated girl on greenbelt and took her to hospital.

After first aid, she was shifted to Services Hospital Lahore where she is stated to be physically stable but mentally traumatized.
Unfortunate incident gripped whole nation with deep sorrow and anger. People from all walks of life condemned the incident and demanded severe punishment for the rapist. Widespread media coverage also forced government top officials to take notice of the incident and demand speedy investigations into the case.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry also took suo moto notice of the case and sought progress in the case. IG Punjab submitted a two page report before court on Saturday stating that Police is still clueless about identity and number of persons involved in this horrendous crime.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari also condemned the incident and termed it as a test case for criminal justice system of the country. He also suggested that criminal justice system needs to revamped to curb such incidents.

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