Police constable blinds and kills daughter's lover

India on 30 June 2014
Location : India | Source : India Today.

In a case of protectors-turn-predators, a police constable and his family members have allegedly blinded and killed a 22-year-old youth, who loved the former's daughter, when he had gone to secretly meet her at her house at Daulatpur village in Patna district, police said on Sunday.
The incident occurred when Rahul Kumar, a diploma holder from the Industrial Training Institute (ITI), had gone to meet the girl in the wee hours on Saturday as he had to catch a train the same day to take up a job at Hardwar in Uttarakhand.
A relative of the girl saw the youth entering her room and informed other family members who were awake as there was no electricity at that point of time in the village. The girl's father Abhay Singh and other family members dragged Rahul out of the room and thrashed him mercilessly with iron rods, PTI quoted the police as saying.
When Rahul became unconscious, the constable and his sons pierced his eyes with the rods. Then, they shot him five times in his legs and bludgeoned his head killing him on the spot.
Police said the girl kept pleading with her family members to spare Rahul's life as she had called him to meet her. But, they all locked her up in a room and went ahead with the criminal act.
To cover up the incident, Abhay and his other family members raised an alarm that a thief was caught and some villagers assembled.
A few villagers had knowledge about the love affair and informed the boy's family members who rushed to the spot to rescue him, but it was too late by then.
An FIR was lodged by Rahul's father Rakesh Kumar, a school bus driver in Patna, accusing seven persons, including the constable and his sons - Govind Singh and Roshan Singh - of killing his son.
City SP Ashish Bharti said, "We have arrested Govind and Roshan. Constable Abhay Singh and others are absconding and we are conducting raids to catch them. We hope to nab them soon."

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