Police begins a program for closer ties with the elderly

Maldives on 14 January 2014
Location : Maldives | Source : CNM News. Image Source: CNM News

Police begins a program for establishing closer ties with the elderly

Authorities in Huvadhu Atoll explained that one main purpose of the Scheme is to make it easier for senior citizens, some living alone, to get in touch with then minus the hassle of involving a third party of mediator.

In the Operation ‘New Breeze’ underway on Janurary 8th in Huvadhu Atoll, the slogan ran as ‘Call us, We Will help’. The project saw officers helping grandmothers and grandfathers, among other elderly folk, enter emergency Police service numbers into their phones and taught them how to use speed-dial.

The Authorities said it had guided to the older generation into saving crucial Police numbers on their mobile phones, as well as setting-up the various ways such calls can easily get through without a glitch or hitch.

Police also inform at islands without its presence, it still carried on ahead with the plans for educating the old, just in case something comes up, adding that, they would be on 2 4 hour vigil.

‘New Breeze’ had already become something of a success with many hauls of narcotics and demolishing vacant huts in areas where Police believe are equivalent to Satan’s path. It is not yet clear whether of the drugs were confiscated from the elderly folks themselves pr based on their reports.

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