Police begin work on 5-year strategic plan

Maldives on 07 January 2014
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Police have started compiling a strategic plan for the coming five years.

Police revealed that the plan will be assembled through a thorough consultation process which was kicked off with a three-day discussion forum among individual police officers yesterday. 

Inaugurating the forum, Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer advised the police to focus on neighbourhood policing and combating drugs and drug related offences, in the assembly of the plan. He also noted that the plan must cater to standardize and regulate the internal discipline of police institution. 

The Home Minister revealed that the police are already working to expedites of exiting cases, but said the criminal justice system must be reformed for the police to fully achieve their targets in forwarding cases for prosecution within the designated time frame. 

Speaking at the event, Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed said that assembly of the plan will also focus on shielding the police institution from political influence.

The discussion is participated by policemen from all ranks from the different directorates and departments of the Maldives Police Service.

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