Police arrest 100 suspects in Pakistan's Karachi search operation

Pakistan on 16 April 2014
Location : Karachi, Pakistan | Source : Global Times; image source: flickr user victor

Police arrested 100 suspects in an overnight search operation conducted in Pakistan's southern port city of Karachi, local media reported in Monday.

Dunya TV said that police conducted the search operation on an intelligence tipoff in the restive Madhu Ghot area of Karachi, the capital city of the country's south Sindh province.

During the operation 100 suspects allegedly involved in target killing, car lifting, extortion, and kidnapping for ransom cases were arrested.

Police also seized arms and ammunition from the custody of the suspects who were shifted to an unidentified location for further investigations.

Over 200 policemen, who sealed all entry and exit parts of the area during the operation, took part in the operation.

The recent operation was conducted following the killing of over 30 people in separate incidents of violence in the city over the last week.

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